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Annalisa Contrafatto -

Kids look forward to school holidays from the beginning of the year, and there is much excitement then when the time actually comes… except that, a few days into the holidays everyone is already bored.

The children living at Lawrence House are no exception, of course.

Lawrence House is a special place of care for kids that do not have, or cannot live with their family. Located in Woodstock, it currently hosts 24 children and youth from different African countries. Each and every one of them had a few ideas of what they would love to do in the two weeks off school – things like going to the movies, for example – but every single idea required moolah to make it happen, so those plans had to be postponed. The younger children (age 7-11) came up with the idea of a Pizza Making Workshop: they wanted to see how real pizza is made, and try to make their own because… everyone loves pizza! So staff and friends of Lawrence House put the word out, hoping to find a pizza maker willing to come to the house and host the workshop.

Then some magic happened!

Kimon and Diego from Ferdinando’s Pizza stepped forward, offering not only to run the Pizza Making Workshop, but to do so in their restaurant, making it a really special outing for the children, which had the opportunity to learn from a professional pizza maker and to see him in action in his kitchen.

On the set day, seven children, accompanied by two much loved care workers, started their training as pizza makers. After a warm welcome they sat comfortably at a long table, enjoying special Italian cooldrinks  -they taste different from the local ones, you know-  kindly offered by their hosts, and the workshop begun: first they all went to check out the oven, then they studied the pizza maker main moves such as rolling the dough, flattening it, placing it into the oven; at that stage they were ready to work on their own creations. Once they all had a flat circle of dough in front of them, the pizza maker demonstrated how to go about with toppings – tomato first, then cheese, then everything else, including pineapple which is not part of the real Italian recipe but nevertheless tastes nice – and eventually the pizzas went into the oven for a five minutes baking and… voila, ready to enjoy! There were even some leftovers to take home!

A special tank you to Kimon and Diego for making the day so awesome!

Photos by Manuela Donatone and Ruby Jean Photo.