Friday 20th Sep 2019

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Cari Connazionali, dear Friends,

Every story comes eventually to an end, and the most beautiful ones are no exception; so it seems that my Cape Town experience – at least the professional one – is about to finish. On Jan 30th I’ll board a plane to Rome, where on Feb 1st I will start a new chapter, working a few years at Headquarters before being assigned again somewhere else in the world.

If these almost four years have been simply unforgettable is mostly thanks to you: to your support, your friendship, and the relationships we built.

I will be happy (and sad as well) to give you a last hug over some music and refreshments this coming Thursday 24; you’ll find all the details in the attached invite. I hope you can make it, even briefly and at any time of the evening.

I will miss you, and I will miss this incredible mother city (whatever the real reason for this name, it feels indeed like this after only a few years..).



Alfonso Tagliaferri

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