Friday 6th Dec 2019

With the help of a clairvoyant -

Oliver Meth - Sunday Tribune -  

Tyrone Lessing's lifeless body was found buried under rubble near the accident scene, two weeks later. Picture: Supplied -

Durban - The body of a missing Gauteng man has been discovered 14 days after his fatal car accident, just metres away from the scene in Alberton.

The 27-year-old Tyrone Lessing was reported missing after his family could not find his body at the accident scene in the Mayberry Park area.

"Tyrone called me and said him and his wife went for dinner and later had an altercation, so he was on his way to me (about 4km drive) but he never arrived," said his mother, Charlotte Lessing.

On that night, Lessing said she phoned trying to get hold of him but it was only the following morning when she got through and a police officer answered Tyrone's cellphone. The police officer informed her that his belongings had been found at the accident scene but there was no body.

"I rushed when they told me where this had happened, we couldn't find him. There was no blood or footprints at the scene," she said.

Lessing lodged a missing persons docket at the Brackendown police station, after pleading with police to thoroughly search the crash scene. Days passed and there was still no sign of Tyrone, said Lessing.

"I then approached Clairvoyant Cheryl (Vos), who has experience spiritually contacting with missing people, to assist us in finding my son," she said.

The family together with private investigator Wendy Pascoe and Roodepoort Captain Yorke were led to the sewage drain where Tyrone's lifeless body had been laying, just metres from where the accident occurred.

"We went to the scene and found his body laying there under rubble," said Pascoe.

Lessing is awaiting the results of an autopsy and is questioning whether the police were negligent during the investigations.

"Our family is mourning and all we want is closure," added Lessing.

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