Wednesday 14th Apr 2021


Ayama wines, love at first sip. 

Stock up your cellar, enjoying a 20% discount on all Ayama wines, using the Voucher code AYAMAFANATIC. For you and your friends and family only, valid till the 15th of April. Looking forward to get some wine flowing to your house! 

Ayama 2021 Harvest, loved every minute. 

The most rewarding part about farming is when you see the result of the seasons hard work at harvest time whether it be the quality of the grapes and bunches, tonnages. Having 70 people around you, crates flying and tractors running, you cannot help to just stop and take it all in. Being in the vineyard captivates you and makes you realise that there is no other place on earth that you’d rather be… It was truly an emotional experience. They say that you reap what you sow, and this year we definitely did!
We have been extensively renewing our older blocks of Chenin blanc, keeping its already developed roots system, and just developing a “daughter” from the grafting point of the already existing “mother”.  This long term project for our Chenin is nearly complete. Already we have been rewarded by even better quality, and tonnage from these blocks, and cannot wait to see what else it has in store for us.
Last year, we started renewing our Cabernet Sauvignon and our Merlot. The leadership, passion, care, but most of all patience displayed by Attilio when we’re doing these types of jobs is appreciated by all of us. We still learn something new everyday. 

We have had a truly magnificent 2021 harvest! Once again, we had a historic vintage, thumping our 2020 harvest by a whopping 33%. Loving every minute, every day of it! 

Hanepoot or Moscato? Created on the notes of "Shape of You" by Ndlovu Choir, 2021 first wine will be released in May! 

Italian and South African taste. Harvesting Hanepoot, we created a new uniquely styled wine just waiting to be released from the wings… We won’t give too much away, but we promise that it will be unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted.
The unique design and labelling, once again defying the ‘status quo’ , is an expression of AYAMA, and much like the wine, one of a kind! Keep an eye on our social media pages andAyamateca for more info!

Manitoba and Durum Flour is back on our selves! And.. Polenta! 

For passionate backers and home made bread, focaccia, pizza and polenta fans, we are back in season!  Order your flour here!

Jerusalem Artichokes

Other than being rich in pre-biotics, the Jerusalem artichokes is a great source of iron and provide great support in lowering cholesterol and giving support to the digestive system. You can buy them directly from us, here! 


Ayama Festivals

After some forced time off, we are planning new, amazing, unique events for you starting from May 2021! Watch out for our next newsletter and social media news, and sign in! 

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