Saturday 20th Apr 2019

Al centro della missione: contrasto al cambiamento climatico, servizi per l'agricoltura, collaborazione tra università e in eventi internazionali -

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SowetanLive - 

Multinational software company SAP is collaborating with American authorities responsible for enforcing the US Foreign Corrupt

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Marianne Merten - Daily Maverick -

The long and short of South Africa’s crime statistics is that murder is up, as are home and business robberies

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Mike Cohen and Arabile Gumede, Bloomberg - 

Cape Town - South Africa’s forecast of higher debt and wider fiscal deficits over the next three

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Mario Angeli dal suo balcone italiano - 

Capita che un Balcone italiano sbirci sulle cose del Sudafrica, che, viste con occhi italiani

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