Saturday 16th Feb 2019

Anna Cox - The Star - 

An Alleged property hijacker and his accomplice, a tenant in Yeoville, were arrested on Saturday. The main suspect was to be charged with contravening the Prevention of Illegal Eviction Act, ignoring a contempt of court order and trespassing, while his co-accused, the tenant at the property, was to be charged with contempt of court and trespassing.

It is alleged that the tenant stopped paying rent last year and subsequently started subletting the unit, while also collecting rent without permission from the owner. In an attempt to get the property back, the owner approached the court in December last year, when an eviction order was granted. The suspected hijacker and the tenant were evicted from the property at the beginning of this month. They then forcefully moved back into the property.

The handover of the property follows an investigation by the City of Joburg’s group forensic and investigation service department working with the SA Police Service.

Mayor Herman Mashaba said the city would not leave any stone unturned when dealing with criminal activities within its area of jurisdiction and would continue to intensify the raids at bad and hijacked properties with the assistance of the police and other law enforcement agencies. “It is essential that we bring back the rule of law in our city and take it back from the criminal elements such as landlords who take advantage of desperate people and house them under deplorable conditions,” he said.

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